Psy.D. Degree

Types of Practicum

There are two types of practicum: Required Supervised Experience and Elective Practicum.

Required supervised experience consists of any practicum to which students are assigned by SOPP and for which they are registered for “Supervised Experience” (PSI 9971-PSI 9974).

Elective Practicum consists of clinical work that is above and beyond the required supervised experience. To be approved for elective practicum, a site must meet the following criteria:

  • The site is approved by the OCT as an official practicum site and has signed an Affiliation Agreement with SOPP.
  • Students are doing the same work as assigned practicum students.
  • Students are receiving the same level of training supervision as assigned practicum students.

Students must receive permission from the DCT to register for Elective Practicum (PSI 9920). In seeking elective practicum, students should provide a brief rationale to the DCT. Students may register for multiple terms and must register for 1 credit of elective practicum per semester, regardless of the number of hours of service. Time in elective practicum can not exceed 16 hours per week. Prior to beginning the Elective Practicum, students must also work with their supervisors to complete a Field Placement Description form that specifies the supervisory arrangements, agreed upon number of hours to be worked, when those hours will be worked,  and all agreed upon expectations of the student.  Except for hour requirements, all policies that apply to required practicum also apply to Elective Practicum.  Students must complete all forms required for practicum for Elective Practicum.