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Student Liability Insurance

All students are required to purchase student professional liability insurance before the beginning of each academic year. Students must carry liability insurance from the time they enter SOPP until they complete internship. Required levels of coverage are $1,000,000 each incident/$3,000,000 annual aggregate. Student professional liability insurance is designed to cover clinical activities that are a required part of a student's curriculum (e.g., practicum and internship, other direct service course requirements). There are several options for acquiring student professional liability including, but not limited to, The Trust and American Professional Agency.

When a student performs psychological services at a site or position that is not formally affiliated with SOPP as part of its training curriculum, student professional liability insurance does not apply. This includes paid employment and volunteer work. In cases where the student is working under a license in another discipline, such as social work or nursing, that work is also not covered by student psychological insurance or psychological supervision. Students who are providing psychological services outside of the SOPP setting, as an employee or as a volunteer, should consult with their agency, supervisor, and the State Board to ensure that they have appropriate supervision and liability coverage.

Please Note: Proof of liability insurance coverage must be submitted to the SOPP OCT on or before September 1 of each year. Proof of insurance coverage should also be given to the practicum site during the first week of training. The acceptable form of proof is a copy of the "face sheet" or Declaration Page. This page states the type and levels of the student's coverage. Students are also responsible for providing proof of insurance renewal as applicable. A copy of the student's Declaration Page will be kept in the OCT. As the insured, the student is responsible for getting copies to the practicum site. Students will not be allowed to begin practicum and remain on practicum unless a copy of this proof of liability is continuously on file in the OCT. Students buying liability insurance for the first time need to make their purchase in time to allow for coverage prior to the start of their SOPP program.

Updated 8/24/2018