Psy.D. Degree

Psychological Service Provision by Students

Under Ohio law, all psychological service provision by unlicensed persons, including students and trainees, must be supervised and registered with the State Board of Psychology. Psychological service includes any services that can reasonably be construed as psychological in nature, e.g., assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Psychological work supervision, psychological training supervision, and psychological umbrella supervision are the three types of supervision under the law. (Training and umbrella supervision are relevant for our curriculum purposes.)

Students must also be aware of issues of competence and presentation to the public. Representations to the public such as the use of business cards, web pages, and other materials that are intended for public relations should also clearly convey appropriate supervised/ training status. Unlicensed persons providing psychological services (e.g., practicum students, interns, fellows) are all registered by their primary supervisors with the Ohio State Board of Psychology.  Practicum students are registered as Psychology Trainees. Students may consult the OCT and refer to the SOPP Professional Identification Statement for guidance. The Ohio Psychology Laws and Rules can be accessed at

When a student performs psychological services at a site or position that is not formally affiliated with SOPP as part of the required training curriculum or is not an SOPP administered program, student malpractice insurance does not apply. This applies to paid employment and volunteer work. In cases where the student is working under a license in another discipline, such as social work or nursing, that work is also not covered by student psychological insurance or psychological supervision. To keep SOPP informed about students’ other professional qualifications, students must keep a current copy of their mental health licenses and/or certificates on file with the OCT. Students who are providing psychological services outside of the SOPP setting, as an employee or as a volunteer, should consult with their agency, supervisor, and the State Board to ensure that they have appropriate supervision and liability coverage.

Updated 1/7/2019