Psy.D. Degree

Practicum Timeline

July or August

  • Start of Training Year (Site Specific)
  • Renew/Create Time2Track Account (July 10th)
  • Ensure Supervisors are in Time2Track system (July 10th)

August or October

  • Field Placement Description
  • Sixty Day Evaluation


  • Training Progress Report
  • Evaluation of Supervision- 6 month
  • Time2Track Documentation Up to Date


  • Student Practicum Profile Survey and updated CV


  • Practicum Interviews


  • Training Progress Report
  • Time2Track Documentation Up to Date
  • Practicum Assignments


  • End of Year Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Supervision- 12 month
  • Student Evaluation of Field Training
  • Time2Track Documentation Completed and Approved (5 days from end of training experience)
  • Practicum Orientation

Updated September 25, 2018