Psy.D. Degree

Practicum Monitoring

The OCT uses the following forms and procedures to monitor supervised experience. Copies of all training forms can be downloaded from the Practicum Forms page.

Please Note: All students considering early leave from practicum for internship should make sure that all required forms are completed in a timely manner. Failure to bring closure to the monitoring and evaluation process will negatively impact the practicum grade and, consequently, eligibility to begin internship. The internship site will be so notified.

The Practicum Site Liaison staff person conducts site visits with all new training placements and with continuing programs. New visits typically include a tour of the facility, review of forms and sample reports, meeting with the general supervisor and agency administrative personnel, and review of SOPP practicum requirements prior to the signing of a training agreement. These visits seek to ensure that new sites offer needed training that is in concert with the SOPP mission. Visits to continuing sites are planned to include the supervisor and/or trainees to review recent appraisals of the student and training site. Telephone and email contact with supervisors are part of the ongoing monitoring process. Student questions and concerns regarding their practicum training should be directed to the Practicum Site Liaison.