Psy.D. Degree

Practice Tutorial Seminars

photo of students studying

Practice Tutorial Seminars (PT) consist of small groups of students representing various levels in the program, who meet with a faculty member to focus on developing case conceptualization skills, oral and written clinical presentation skills, and the ability to provide and receive feedback on clinical work.  The groups meet each week during the Fall and Spring semesters in a case and issue focused learning experience.

Enrollment in PSI 9080 is mandatory for the second and third years of the student's doctoral program.  PT is assigned 1 credit each semester for a total of 2 credit hours per year.  Each student is required to have had at least 2 years or 4 credit hours of PT prior to certification for internship eligibility.

PSI 9080 is graded on a Pass (P)/Unsatisfactory (U) basis.  The PT leader is responsible for assigning the grade each semester. Passing grades are based on regular attendance at all small and large group PT's (only one unexcused absence is permitted each semester), active participation in discussion, and case presentation and critique.  Students having more than one unexcused absence, or who have had very little or problematic input into discussions, will be assigned a "U" grade for the semester.  Remediation, as with unsatisfactory performance in other required elements of the curriculum, is required. This remediation may include completing additional semester(s) of PT and/or other experiences deemed appropriate by the PT instructor in response to the concerns leading to the "U" grade.