Psy.D. Degree

Internship Overview

All doctoral programs in clinical psychology require a doctoral internship. At SOPP, the doctoral internship typically comes in year five, at the end of the program. It is typically a calendar year, full-time clinical training experience. As the internship is designed to transition the doctoral student into full-fledged membership in health service psychology, it is important that students choose training programs that complement (a) the SOPP generalist, practitioner model, and (b) the students more focal interests in the field. It is expected that SOPP students will intern at funded sites that are APA accredited. Students are required to apply to only APA accredited internship sites in Phase I of the application process. Our students have been very successful in obtaining accredited internships, nationwide, even as the competition for accredited internships has increased.

This section is designed to effectively prepare you for the internship application process. It contains critical and relevant information on SOPP requirements, self-assessment, preparation of application materials, and guidelines for selecting and applying to sites. References for other published resources are also included.

Liability Coverage

Availability and levels of coverage vary across internship sites. All SOPP students are required to maintain their APA student liability insurance during the internship year, regardless of their site coverage. Required levels of coverage are a minimum of $1,000,000 each incident/$3,000,000 annual aggregate. Students will need to check with their individual sites for any additional malpractice coverage requirements.