Psy.D. Degree

Internship Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation of an intern's performance is an ongoing process during the internship year. The intern and supervisor(s) are encouraged to contact the OCT should any problem arise during the training year.

The SOPP requires the Internship Training Director to provide the DCT two written evaluations of the intern, one at mid-year and one at the end of the internship (forms are provided by the internship program). A completion letter, verifying at least 2000 hours of internship and start and end dates, is also a part of the required end of the year evaluation. During the internship year, students must register for Internship (PSI 999) during the Fall, Spring, and Summer A terms. Students are normally assigned a grade of P each semester unless the mid-year report and/or final report, or other evaluative report from the Internship Training Director indicates unsatisfactory or problematic performance. 

Students who are not performing at expected levels of competence while on internship will be dealt with according to the policies of the internship site. The OCT is generally advised and asked for input. Successful completion of the internship can occur if the student's performance improves to expected levels and/or if the student successfully satisfies specified remediation requirements at the internship site. If a student fails to satisfactorily complete the internship, the student will be referred for review by the SOPP faculty for termination from the program. Barring termination, the SOPP also has the option of requiring the student to participate in a variety of experiences designed to remediate deficits identified during the internship year, prior to or concurrent with a potential second clinical internship. Failure to successfully remediate or failure of a second internship are automatic grounds for dismissal from the SOPP. Students who are dismissed from an internship will be automatically reviewed for termination from the program.

Updated 5/8/18