Psy.D. Degree

Internship Criteria and Timelines

Internship Eligibility and Readiness

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Internship

  • Good academic standing
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Completion of first three years’ required coursework
  • Passed all components of the Clinical Comprehensive Examination (CCE) by published deadlines
  • Completion of 2 placement years of practicum (at least 1400 hours)
  • Placement and registration for the 3rd practicum
  • Completion of required practice tutorial
  • Exit plan for final year of courses, practica, and dissertation
  • Faculty support by vote of eligibility and readiness during annual review

Eligibility to Start Internship

  • Good academic standing
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Completion of all required coursework and practica
  • Documentation of at least 2000 hours of practica
  • Completion of all required remediation
  • No temporary grades M, N,or I
  • Completed Dissertation due to OAA by published deadline

Internship Application Timeline

Spring/Early Summer

  • Pass Intervention Components of the CCE in Spring/Early Summer Semester
  • Work on Professional Dissertation
  • Review SOPP internship eligibility requirements posted online
  • Download the APPIC application form ( - The APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI)
  • Talk to training peers and SOPP outgoing interns and those who are completing their internship experience. Talk to interns and supervisors if you are at a site that has an internship program.
  • Update your vitae
  • Think about goals for internship training, your clinical strengths and areas in need of development
  • Draft responses to essays from the AAPI
  • Complete hours of clinical experience for the AAPI
  • Decide who you’ll want to write your letters of recommendation and request them early. Choose someone who can comment favorably on you and your clinical experience. Typically three letters are requested. Be prepared to submit letters from two supervisors and one faculty member. Some sites have other requirements for letters as indicted in their application packages.
  • Review the APPIC Directory online and internship web sites. Consider possibilities for your applications.
  • Check the APPIC web site regularly. Subscribe to available APPIC service news lists.
  • SOPP Internship Handbook updated on line following the publication of the AAPI

Mid/Late Summer

  • Work on Professional Dissertation
  • Create an account for the AAPI. Review all components of the application and enter data into the standard form. 
  • Generate a list of possible sites. Check history table of SOPP acceptances and interviews. Consider the fit between the site and your training needs and background. Include geographic diversity
  • Have an appropriate person proof and help you edit essays
  • Review site online brochures
  • Set up a budget for fees, travel expenses, phone calls, etc.
  • Set up a tracking process for application materials
  • Verify accuracy of courses and grades on transcript
  • Schedule meeting with Director of Clinical Training (DCT) regarding internship readiness and eligibility, vitae, search focus, letters of recommendation.


  • Deadline for all application eligibility requirements is generally September 15
  • SOPP Faculty conduct Internship Readiness Review Meeting. Official eligibility letters go out after this meeting.
  • Narrow list of sites you intend to apply to 20 sites (MAX) where you would be a good fit is recommended. Check history table of sites interviewing and accepting SOPP students
  • Get preliminary feedback on site list from DCT
  • Register with National Matching Service Inc. ( as soon as you are approved to apply. Do not get caught in the rush in December
  • Request transcripts to be send to the AAPI Online Transcript Department (APPIC)
  • Formally request letters of recommendation from letter writers


  • Have final list of sites approved by the Director of Clinical Training. The number of SOPP applications to any one site may be restricted.
  • Have your AAPI reviewed by DCT
  • Forward directions to persons writing letters of recommendation
  • Verification of Eligibility and Readiness posted by DCT
  • Complete applications with early deadlines.


  • Complete remaining applications
  • Participate in internship Mock Interviews in PT
  • Buy interview clothes if you do not have them


  • Be prepared. You will get some rejection letters
  • Practice interviewing skills with a peer or mentor, incorporating feedback from Mock Interview
  • Compile a list of potential questions for sites where you remain under consideration
  • Sites will be contacting you to schedule interviews. Make travel arrangements
  • Review site materials and your interview questions prior to any interviews
  • Meet with DCT to consider additional sites with late application deadlines if needed
  • Deadline to register with National Matching Service Inc.


  • Continue interviews. Notify any instructors if you need to miss classes for interviews
  • Send thank you notes after each interview
  • Rank your sites as soon as all interviews are completed
  • Attend Internship Meeting-MATCH RANKING


  • Submit Phase I rank list to NMS due by published deadline
  • Submit copy of rank lists to OCT
  • Phase I match results by published deadline


  • Phase II application deadline by published deadline
  • Phase II rank lists due by published deadline
  • Submit copy of rank lists to OCT
  • Phase II Match results by published deadline
  • Submitt final self-evaluation to OCT