Psy.D. Degree

Internship Application


  1. The internship application process is electronic.
    1. Carefully review instructions before completing.
    2. It is usually helpful to start with the practicum hours sections.
    3. Some sites may request work samples. Have a testing report and a case summary ready.
  2. See Fee Section for cost of submitting applications.
  3. SOPP recommends submitting fifteen (15) to twenty (20) applications.

General Information for Application

  1. Spell Dr. Schultz’s name correctly: Michelle Schultz, PsyD
  2. Dr. Schultz’s email:
  3. SOPP Training Model: Practitioner
  4. SOPP phone number and fax number:
    1. Phone number: (937) 775-3469
    2. Fax Number: (937) 775-3434
  5. SOPP address: Wright State University, SOPP, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001
  6. SOPP is a Clinical (general) program
  7. CPA is the Canadian Psychological Association (n/a for us)
  8. We require all parts of the Dissertation to be completed, to attend an internship
  9. Be sure to accurately describe your practicum placements. For example, Drew - Urban, public health center; Ellis Institute - School's community based, outpatient training clinic
  10. Prepare drafts for all essay prompts in time for review by Dr. Schultz and others
    1. Be thoughtful and concise in drafting your materials
    2. Get feedback from your advisor and peers
  11. Dr. Schultz will complete Part 2 of the AAPI - Verification of Internship Eligibility and Readiness for each student.
  12. Be sure to remove all names and other identifying information from all requested work samples. Work samples should be signed by your supervisor.

Letters of Recommendation

  1. Request up to four (4) people to write letters. Include at least two (2) who have directly supervised your clinical work and one (1) faculty member who has instructed you or supervised your dissertation.
  2. Request letters so they can be ready in time for your earliest deadlines.
  3. Share a copy of your vita and any other potentially helpful academic and training information with writers.

Getting Started


  • Internship in Psychology: The APAGS Workbook
  • Internship Match: Changing the Paradigm to Move Beyond the Status Quo. — Special Issues of Training and Education in Professional Psychology, Vol.1 No. 4. November 2007.
  • Internship Match Tips

August 3, 2018