Enrollment in Programs Outside SOPP

Students wishing to enroll in coursework, a certificate or degree program outside SOPP, whether the outside program is in Wright State University or another institution, must meet with their academic advisor and review their progress in the SOPP program.  Students are eligible to enroll in coursework, enter certificate or degree programs outside SOPP only if they are in good standing in the SOPP program and making satisfactory progress toward completion of all SOPP degree requirements. In this advising meeting the rationale for pursuing coursework, a certificate or additional degree, as well as the potential drawbacks, should both be explored.

Students wishing to enroll in coursework or a certificate or degree program outside SOPP should consider the following:

  • Once admitted to the SOPP, the SOPP program’s demands, requirements and timelines have first call on a student’s time and effort. When program requirements, demands, timelines, etc. conflict, students are expected to adhere to those of the SOPP.
  • Students pursuing coursework, certificates or degrees outside SOPP may be required to pay additional tuition or fees as determined by the outside department, school or training organization.
  • Courses and grades earned in outside programs or departments in Wright State University appear on the same transcript as do the grades earned in SOPP, i.e., a separate transcript is not generated, and grades earned in courses or programs in Wright State, but outside SOPP will be calculated into the student’s GPA.
  • Unsatisfactory grades or evaluations earned in outside programs will be treated in the same manner as unsatisfactory grades or evaluations earned in SOPP and may result in placement on academic probation or even termination from the SOPP program.
  • Any policy violations or disciplinary actions taken against an SOPP student in any outside course, program or training experience will be considered in terms of annual or special reviews of the student’s progress in the SOPP program. Policy violations and disciplinary actions could result in sanctions from the SOPP program to include termination from the program.
  • Students must discuss with the SOPP academic advisor, have approved, and document progress in any coursework or program of study outside SOPP. For educational or training experiences outside WSU, students must provide transcripts or other documentation indicating level or quality of performance. Failure to seek approval for and document educational activities outside SOPP could result in disciplinary action.

Enrollment in Certificate or Degree Programs Outside SOPP Advising and Approval Form (PDF)