Curriculum Vitae (CV) Outline

These are typical sections and order. You may have additional sections (e.g., teaching, research team experience) to reflect your unique experiences. Use reverse chronological order, i.e., most recent first. Your CV will grow as you move through the program.

Identifying Information

  • Name. Do not include Bachelor's degree designations after your name. Do include graduate and professional degrees, e.g., MS, M.Ed., and JD.
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email, fax if personal number available


If no degree, indicate dates of attendance

  • Start with Wright State, SOPP. Once you pass CCEs, you become a candidate for the PsyD degree in Clinical Psychology. SOPP is an APA accredited program.
  • List other degrees/ schools in reverse order. Include all education since Bachelor's degree
  • Mention any honors associated with degree, e.g., graduated cum laude
  • You may list your dissertation with your SOPP education

Military Experience

Active or retired, rank


For independent practice, e.g., LPC, LCSW, RN)

Practicum Training

Include Master's level clinical practica, but not Bachelor's work

  • Clinical training associated with degree program. Briefly describe the agency clinical work, populations seen, diagnoses, etc.
  • Label Master's vs. SOPP practica
  • Include dates of participation
  • Include name of supervisor and degree, total hours served.
  • Do not include Practice Tutorial. This is a course.


Paid work experience

  • Clinical work
  • Other substantial work experience, especially if you are a change of career person
  • Generally cover graduate/professional work experience here, not e.g., high school or undergraduate work. SOPP students have substantial experience associated with this program.

Volunteer Clinical Experience

  • Unpaid clinically related work including Wright State additional experience like PATH or MRP that was not practicum.

Teaching Experience

  • e.g., adjunct in the Department of Psychology

Research Experience

As applicable

School and Community Service

  • SOPP service, e.g., SGA, faculty-student committees
  • Community Service, e.g., Hospice of Dayton, Relay for Life cancer fundraiser


Can be separate sections if you have several in each category

  • If a poster or paper carrying the same title was presented at more than one place, list the poster or paper once and beneath the tile, list where and when presented
  • Use APA format.

Professional Memberships

(e.g., APA, OPA, ABCT, etc.)

  • Civic organizations like, NAACP or Lions Club belong in a separate section under School and Community Service
  • Indicate your status, e.g., student affiliate, associate member


Not mentioned under Education, e.g., school fellowships, work commendations

Special Competencies/Interests

(e.g., second language, unique hobby, or skill)