Annual Review of Student Performance


It is the policy of the School of Professional Psychology (SOPP) to annually evaluate the performance of SOPP students to determine that they are developing the competencies necessary for the practice of psychology and matriculating successfully in the program.


In the fall of each academic year, faculty will meet to discuss the performance of all SOPP students, excluding those currently on internship. The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) communicates directly with faculty and students to facilitate this process.

Annual Review of Student Performance

The student evaluation process is a formal, documented process to evaluate second, third, and fourth year students. The OAA instructs students and faculty on the steps to be completed in the evaluation process, as follows:

  1. The student completes the Profession-Wide Competency Student Assessment, signs it and sends it and a CV to his/her/their academic advisor and the Office of Academic Affairs.
  2. The student meets with his/her/their academic advisor to review the self-assessment and discuss overall performance in the previous academic year.
  3. At the meeting, the OAA provides the academic advisor with performance data to include the student's cumulative GPA and practicum scores.
  4. The academic advisor presents the student's performance data at the faculty review meeting, solicits feedback from faculty, then signs and submits their completed profession-wide competency faculty assessment form to the OAA. This form is retained in the student's academic file and a copy of it is placed in the student’s mailbox.
  5. Students will be encouraged to discuss specific feedback with their academic advisors.
  6. In the event a significant performance issue(s) arises during the faculty review meeting, the academic advisor will meet with the student to provide remediation, etc. as prescribed on the evaluation form.  Any additional information bearing on the student's performance that is gathered subsequent to the advisor-student feedback session should be provided to the OAA for the student's academic file.

Links to forms used by faculty and students to document the annual performance review process are below.  Completed forms are maintained as part of the student's academic file in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Informal Review of First Year Student Performance

In addition to the annual performance review process, there is an informal review of first year student performance. After students complete their first semester in the program, faculty meet to assess each first-year student's progress and their assimilation into the program as new SOPP students. This process is done early to identify any students who may need additional support or resources to continue successfully in the program and to provide assistance where needed. If any concerns or issues are identified, the student's academic advisor follows up with the student to discuss his/her/their status in the program and offer guidance and support.

Updated 12-4-2018